Monday, August 2, 2010

Not so ready for Monday....

I really had good intentions, really!  I was going to be so ready for this morning with a nice blog post, my workboxes all ready, my calendar looking nice, the office/school room neat and organized, my grocery shopping finished, etc. etc. 
What happened?  My parents came to visit and bring back SarahAnne and pick up Samuel for his week to visit, so the weekend was spent visiting.  I do have my workboxes finished and I graded and looked over all of Emily's school work. (That was a chore!  My head hurt when I was finshed reading Latin, history and Geometry! Whew!)
And to beat it all, I have to run to town to take care of some errands this morning, so school will wait until this afternoon.  Hopefully, the rest of the week will be smooth.  I am anxious to do school with just SarahAnne.  She has already asked about starting a new reading list for this school year. 

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