Friday, August 27, 2010

Week in review...

It's Friday and we've just finished another week of school.  It was a comfortable week.  It seems like we are getting into that well-fitting groove.  Not everything was perfect, but things flowed pretty well.

Emily is so organized and independent this school year!  WOW---- that really helps me.  She is doing well in Latin and Geometry and is loving History, English and Bible (they all go together).  Chemistry is coming along, but we have had trouble finding items for a couple of experiments.  Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks we will get on the ball with that as well.

Samuel and SarahAnne are doing great in MFW.  This week we finished the USA study of North America.  Concentrating on the geography of the US, we worked puzzles, filled in blank maps, looked at individual states, listed all the states we had traveled to and so on.  At the end of the week, I gave them a blank map and had them label all the states they could remember.  I was very pleased!  Emily did this with us and did quite well, also.

This week we have read about Harriet Tubman and it has been something the kids looked forward to doing.  Samuel always got his Bible notebook and was ready to write at the end of each reading.

We started All About Spelling this week also.  I am starting slow with this and have been pleased so far.  Hopefully, next week we can get our feet a little wetter!   LOL

The workboxes are so wonderful!  I only started with six boxes and will soon increase to eight and then to ten.  I need to plan this and work out a schedule soon.  The kids love doing them and I can't believe how easy it was to implement!

Writing this blog was something I wanted to do for a while, but now that I have started it, it seems like my time is filled with so many other things and I just haven't fit it in very well.  I am going to try to do better.
I'm wishing now, that I had started it earlier this summer, so I would have been better prepared.


  1. Hi saw your post on Workboxes so I thought I would check your blog out. Great blog. I am your newest follower hope you will consider following me on my blog.
    We are using AAS too and love it. Still working on getting my work boxes in shape, but will post soon.:0

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