Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Getting into the groove

We are slowly getting things going here.  Finally the kids are all home from visiting with grandparents and school is in session!  MFW is going well and we are enjoying it and learning a lot.  The workboxes are great and I think will even be better as I get more into the groove. 

Getting into the groove is more my problem than the kids.  (It usually is, isn't it?)  I know that I set the tone for how our day will go and sometimes I fall short on this.  Way back when I taught in a classroom in PS, I could walk in and teach and not have to do laundry, fix lunch, plan dinner, pick up prescriptions, deal with air conditioners on the blink, etc.  Now, I do these things and teach and although it doesn't always go accordingly to plan, we are accomplishing so much more.  ( although, sometimes I NEED reminded of this!)

One thing we have started this year with our chores is having  a 30 minute time period after breakfast and before school to do chores.  Not everything gets done then, but a lot gets accomplished.  It is a good thing!  Laundry is loaded,  DW is run or emptied,  kitchen is cleaned from breakfast, vacume is run, etc.  Now we concentrate on academics.  We also have a time right after dinner each night, before any TV is watched.  It is a good thing!

On our MFW plan today is our Nature Walk.  Here in NC it is forecasted to reach 100 degrees.  We are headed outside as soon as I am finished typing, before the temps soar any higher.  I hope for all you other MFW followers that it will be a cooler nature study for you. 

May we all continue to find our goove and continue this homeschool path, Wildflowers and all!

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