Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wildflowers in our life

The title of my blog is Wildflower Paths.  It was not the original title I had chosen and I really didn't give it an enormous amount of thought.  I am pretty happy with it though. 

I have always loved flowers.  Especially wildflowers.  Probably because where I grew up (in the country) they were abundant and free!   I can remember when I was little, I would almost daily pick a bunch of Queen Anne's Lace and Daisies or Violets and Clover for my grandmother.   As I got older I would put a bouquet in my bedroom and change them often.

When we lived in Kentucky, I was in bliss.  The original owners had planted flowers everywhere, (Roses, Irises, Daylillies, etc.) but my favorite was the wildflower patch back by the garden spot.  (The picture at the top of my blog is from there!) It was an ever changing, out of control, surprising array of beauty.  I could go out and pick a bouquet one day and a totally different one a day later. 

I think that life is like wildflowers.  Sometimes we just see the weeds and sometimes we see the beauty.  It offers a colorful combination and an assortment of wonder.  Life is always full of surprises and the best things in life are free.

This can be said of homeschooling too.  Sometimes, we must see past the weeds to find the flowers.  Wether this is in curriculum, schedules, or waiting through a particular hard season.  We can plant and water and get nothing but weeds or so it seems to us, and then surprisingly a rare and beautiful flower emerges and we can bask in it's beauty.

As we walk this path of homeschooling (life) let us see past the weeds and look for the wildflowers.  Sending you each a bouquet of wildflowers!

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