Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Prepared and Waiting

Book basket--filled!
A workbox for each -- with worksheets, puzzles, fun things-- filled!
School work for the week-- completed.
Chores caught up on!
Errands finished.
Grandparents on their way!

I have preparations completed  and now I wait.  I am scheduled for Friday afternoon for my hysterectomy.  I am ready to get this surgery over.  I know the recovery will be tough, so I'm ready to get it going.  

We completed our school work early this week and caught up on filling our notebooks.  We sorted some things and tied up some loose ends.  It has been a light week.  We finished Brazil and South America.  After my recuperation, we will head off to Norway.  Emily will continue her studies and is pretty much on track.  She may even complete her Latin study a little early!

I filled one box with a variety of things for Samuel and SarahAnne to do while I rest next week.  They also have a book basket filled with books for reading and Awanas to study.   The weather should be cooler, for some outdoor physical education and nature study. They will play a variety of boardgames with my parents who will be here.  So I think homeschool will continue next week, even without the regular teacher! 

I am so thankful for my family.  My husband is so supportive.  My parents and sister are traveling down from Ohio to stay with the kids and help out when I come home.  They are all so great.  I am blessed with a great family.  The kids are so excited to see them, that it overshadows the concern of the surgery to them.  That is a good thing.

I may not be posting for a little while, but I hope not to be away too long.   Until then, I would appreciate a little prayer.  Thanks.


  1. HI Pam,
    i hope everything goes well for your surgery. I am glad you have such a good support system around you. Take all the time you need to rest up and see you back in the blogging world soon:)

  2. Forgot to say the most important thing ---Sending you lots of prayers
    Will be keeping you in my prayers until I hear you are okay.

  3. Thank you so much for your prayers! It means so much!