Monday, September 20, 2010

A full weekend

This past weekend was full!  On Saturday, we attended the Oceania Naval Air Show in Virginia Beach.  It was awesome.  The power of the jets, the knowledge and skill of the pilots, and the history of planes made it a great outing.  We were surrounded by military and military history.  It was good exposure for us and our kids.

I kept thinking throughout the day of a friend of ours that gave his life for our country just 2 short months ago.  He was just a couple of weeks shy of turning 24.  He was killed in Afghanistan.  I hope I never take for granted the freedom we have in this country and all of the blessings God gives us daily.

Sunday was Emily's birthday.  She had spent the weekend with her aunt and uncle and Matt picked her up late Sunday morning.  We had a birthday celebration Sunday afternoon.  We were all tired from the road trips, so we enjoyed some football on TV.

Today we had a slow start, and some whiny attitudes.  We all have those days.  Our day did get much better.  We finished school with a celery experiment and crafts and reading!

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