Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Sweet Emily

Today, I am blessed to celebrate 15 years of knowing, loving and caring for my daughter Emily!
I truly have one of the most mature and sweetest girls whom I am very proud to call mine.  These are some of the things I love about her:
  1.  She loves Greek and Latin. 
  2.  She enjoys cooking!  (Which I must say, I enjoy!) 
  3. She makes coffee almost every morning. 
  4. She listens to a wide variety of music from classical to bluegrass and including rap and contemporary Christian. 
  5.  She would love to travel to Europe.  She especially would love a trip to Greece. 
  6.  She is a huge C.S. Lewis fan.
  7.   Emily has for years been in love with sea turtles.  We have enjoyed watching her light up at aquariums when she would spot a turtle! 
  8. She helps me in so many ways:  with her brother and sister, with cooking, and with chores.
  9. Emily has a talent for beading.  She has made quite a number of bracelets, earrings and necklaces that are very nice.
  10. She LOVES the beach.  She is happy just to sit and watch the waves roll in or to play in them.
  11. Emily is organized.  She plans her lessons for school.  She is keeping track of most everything this year!  (YEAH, for me!)  She has calendars, planners and she has it all together!  (She does a great job of this!)
  12. She plays the violin. (and a little piano.)
  13. She is a good friend to her friends.
She is my sweet Emily, she is my daughter and she is my friend too!   I know, I've read those books and articles that say we are not to try to be friends with our children.  I will say to them, that I am the parent, but at some point that starts to change when our children talk with us and laugh with us and share with us.  We have long talks and share laughs and that to me is friendship! 

All of these things make up who my daughter Emily is, but the list is not complete. She does have some faults, we all do, but I am focusing on the good things today! She is still growing and changing.  She is still experiencing life.  My dream for her is that she is grounded in her beliefs and that she always knows that her mom and dad love and support her!   I want her to travel and to see the world that God has made.  I want her to have great strong friendships.  I pray that she has a wonderful and loving family of her own one day. I want her to be all that God wants her to be.
My prayer is that God will lead her and guide her as she grows.  I  pray that He protects her.  I believe that He has great plans for her!  Matthew 6:33


  1. Happy Birthday, Emily! The books aren't always right. You should be proud of the strong bond between you and your daughter. God has blessed you both.

  2. What a sweet post! She sounds like an amazing girl! I see the the friendship beginning between my 8 year old and myself, already. And, I feel so blessed for it! I know you are, too!