Thursday, July 22, 2010

I have been working to get all things in order for the coming school year, it is good to get this done. I have purchased curriculum, purged book shelves, printed workbox labels and tags, read and researched, and plan to start August 2nd.   I have also visited some back to school isles at Target, Dollar-Tree and Walmart.  We really don't  need  anything, except tape and glue sticks, but I can't help looking!

Emily, however may start this Monday, July 26th. She wants to get a little head start, just in case she needs a break later. Heading into her sophomore year, she is (always has been) quite the planner. Give the girl a calendar/planner and she is happy. This year she will be using The Well-Guided High Schooler  from The Home Educating Family Magazine.  We picked it up at The Mid-West Homeschooling Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio.   (I will try to post a link soon!)

Next week, I intend to work on Menu plans, stocking the pantry, chore charts, our calendar, budget, and some plans to craft with the kids. These should keep me plenty busy, along with day to day stuff. I am hopeful that all of this preparation will pay off with a great school year.

Our weather here has been so HOT! And, of course our air conditioner hasn't been working right. Today, (with a projected temperature of 100 degrees) we have been relieved! Our air is cooling once again! The capacitor needed replaced. I am so thankful for cool air!

It looks like many across the US are also in a heat wave this weekend.  Others have had flooding and  in the gulf a tropical storm looms in the sea.  But, God is in control of it all and I am reminded of this verse;  Isaiah 40:8  "The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever."

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