Friday, February 25, 2011

This Week

We are here in Dayton this week.  Today we have a dusting of snow over sleet and it is cold.  The kids and I have been bundled up here in the apartment doing some school. 

We have been working on cub scout achievements for Samuel, doing puzzles, playing games and reading.  It has been relaxing.

This weekend we are planning to get out and visit the Cincinnati Museum at Union Terminal.  The girls and I also hope to visit a Super Jo Ann Fabric store.  It will be good to get out and run around a little.  Even at home in NC we tend to be homebodies more lately.

It has been nice visiting here and we will hate to leave, but we must go back to North Carolina Monday.  Hopefully, in a couple of months at worst, we can all be living under the same roof again.  We are trusting in God's timing and His plan.

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